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дата: 4. июль 2018 17:46
город: Минск
раздел объявлений: частные
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автор: Firma: Scopic Software все объявления
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Intermediate PHP/Laravel Developer

This is a remote, home-based position. Full-time.
Start a career with the world’s largest virtual company.

Flexible, stable hours – Training and travel opportunities – Competitive pay

Work with a team to build a variety of innovative web applications using the latest technologies. You will begin working on a world-renowned social media and contact center integration platform to assist businesses with their customer services via social and other messaging services. You will work mainly on back-end development, but if you’re a full-stack developer with React and JavaScript skills, this is a plus.

About You
You are a skilled PHP developer (preferably full-stack), a problem solver, a creative and analytical thinker who enjoys the security of regular projects and values working remotely. You communicate well in English, take pride in producing quality work, and deliver on schedule.

• 3+ years of software development experience
• Excellent back-end and front-end programming skills
• PHP, Laravel and Lumen framework proficiency
• JavaScript and AngularJS experience
• HTML, HTML5, and CSS experience
• SQL (e.g., MySQL) and NoSQL (e.g., MongoDB) database proficiency
• Experience implementing modern user interfaces
• Experience developing multi-tiered scalable and secure web applications
• Strong English reading, writing, and speaking skills
• Stable internet connection and home computer
• Dedication and discipline to work remotely from home
• Bachelor's degree or higher

Preferred Experience
• Ruby on Rails
• Amazon Services
• ReactJS and Flux

Why Work with Scopic Software?
• Flexible hours
• Freedom to work from anywhere, no need to drive to the office
• Competitive salary based on your skills and experience
• Salaried or hourly positions
• Interesting and challenging projects
• Paid training and other professional growth opportunities
• Open communication to all levels of the company
• Work with cutting-edge technologies

About Scopic Software
Custom solutions for virtually everything. Scopic Software is the world’s largest virtual company. We have 250+ employees in 30+ countries. With 10+ years in the software industry and 1000+ projects under our belt, we’ve developed software for Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Fintech, Medical, Food and Fitness, and Gaming. Most of our clients are located in North America and Europe. To find out more about our projects and technologies check out our portfolio:

Hourly rate range is $15-$18 depending on skills and experience.

This is a full-time position.

Please apply online:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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